Monday, February 25, 2013

Make your walls come alive with your own art

Ever taken that perfect shot? Or more than one perfect shot that you know would make awesome custom posters for not only your walls, but your friends or family? I've taken some of my photographs from places as far from home as a cemetery in New Orleans, to a beautiful sunrise here in Toledo, and had them enlarged then framed. Several adorn the walls of my living room, several are on display in my office.
They are conversation starters as people assume the custom posters on my walls were done by someone else. When they learn that they were taken by me, the next question is "isn't that expensive?" To which the answer was no, if you find the right place it is actually less expensive than buying art done by someone else, and it means so much more since it was a time, a place, a moment that you captured.
With the increased use of social media, we share pictures with friends and family now more than ever, but those photos disappear off the page into an album. Taking a favorite picture and making it into art makes a personal gift that will be remembered for a lifetime. Poster frames and matting is also inexpensive and is not a challenging project, and it can enhance your photo art, taking it from those days where your walls were full of posters to something so much more.
Read more about the options out there through the internet to adorn your walls with your own photography, and you'll find just like I have, that it is a wonderful decorating idea as well as a great gift idea. It's a great chance for you to show off your skills and to use a favorite quote of mine, "We don't remember days, only moments."

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