Friday, March 15, 2013

Keeping Your Belongings Safe Through Storms

Years ago almost every house was built with some sort of shutter, whether designed as storm shutters or for security. Granted, most windows during those days did not have glass, so the shutters served a different purpose, keeping the wind and weather out, especially in winter climate areas. Later as glass windows and furnaces became more popular, shutters for many were just decoration with some homes having fake shutters.

In areas where hurricanes hit, hurrican shutters are preferable to using plywood to cover windows. It's easier since the shutters are ready and it looks attractive decoratively, especially when contrasting colors are used. It’s also more cost effective if you live in an area with frequent storms, not to mention making preparation for a weather event faster. While storm prediction has improved greatly over the years, hurricane shutters give a higher level of peace of mind with you not having to face price gouging or shortages when a storm is looming on the horizon.

Our home has shutters, even though we live in the North Central part of the country, we have them as security shutters, when we are gone we know the windows of our home are well protected. When they are not in use, they provide a nice decorative contrast. It’s a look we think is preferable over a barred window, my fear with bars is that should something happen like a fire, it would prevent a safe exit, where shutters allow an exit if necessary.

I’m one of those always prepared types that goes as far as having a rope ladder upstairs in case a safe exit from our house is not possible from the staircase. There are many different products to view when it comes to this line of home items, no matter the geographical region you live in.

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