Thursday, March 14, 2013

Tea for two ... or more

World Tea Expo, the most prominent annual event for the tea industry, is gearing up to showcase the very best teas and tea-related products from the global marketplace, including the winners of the 2013 Best New Product Awards. The conference and trade show, co-located with Healthy Beverage Expo, takes place June 7 – 9 in Las Vegas, Nev. at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The 2013 World Tea Expo Best New Product Award winners include:

By DeeBee's Organic Frozen Treats
Tea as an Ingredient Winner
DeeBee's Organic Frozen Treats' TeaPops are the world's first tea-based popsicles. The frozen "pops" are available in green, white and black teas, as well as rooibos. Flavors include Cherry Berry, Classic Iced Tea, Mango Tango, Mint-A-Licious and Tea-Na Colada. Visit

TEAS' TEA Lattes
Open Class Winner
The new guilt-free TEAS' TEA Lattes from ITO EN are a healthier version of traditionally rich lattes. Authentically brewed with premium, whole loose-leaf tea leaves and nonfat milk, each bottle – in Black Tea Latte and Matcha Latte – is only 80 calories per serving with zero fat grams. Visit

HARIO Filter-in Bottle
By Sungarden Tea for HARIO
Tea Ware Category Winner
The contemporary Filter-in Bottle from Sungarden Tea is a wine-bottle-style teapot. Tea connoisseurs, restaurants and tea houses can prepare cold-brewed tea in the bottle, pour it like wine, and then enjoy the tea's aroma and flavor. Visit

Bamboo Tea Scoop and Strainer
By tryeh
Tea Accessory Winner
This hand-carved bamboo tea scoop and strainer by tryeh is a stunning, well-designed and useful work of craftsmanship. The rustic-looking tea scoop easily measures loose-leaf tea for brewing. The strainer can be clipped to most tea cups to filter out loose leaves when serving. Visit

Custom Point-of-Purchase Display Rack for Mighty Leaf Tea
By Planet Canit
Packaging Winner
Planet Canit designed Mighty Leaf Tea's custom point-of-purchase display rack. The rack holds up to eight individual, interlocking tea dispensers. Each dispenser is metal with a removable, signature embossed cover for refilling. Visit


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